Moving Forward

For the last year or two, not much has happened with this site.  I was sidetracked and waylaid and generally lacking the extra energy needed to work on Porter & Jack.  I could blame the ups and downs of life, but really, I think I just needed to explore some options.

Turns out, that exploration has led me straight back here, where my heart truly lies.  I am once again on my way to making this a great place for products and resources for our wonderful, furry friends.  I am truly excited to face the challenges that may lie ahead.

I hope you are all still willing to take this journey with me.  I’m looking forward to bringing Porter & Jack up to its full potential, and finally listening to what my heart (and my dog) are telling me.

Here’s to moving forward!

Dogs Helping Dogs

I’ve been quiet for a while, but things have been happening behind the scenes.  I hate to keep you all hanging, though, so in the meantime, here’s a heartwarming video about a very shy dog and a blind dog who have bonded.  It made me smile. (ABC has disabled the embedding feature, so you need to click the link to watch on YouTube.)

Coming Soon

Okay, folks – I’ve been rather slow about getting products on here – but that time is coming soon!  My main delay has been the serious lack of products, especially toys, for blind dogs.  They simply don’t exist!  But that’s why this site was created in the first place.

So, if you’ve got requests, now is the time to send them.  I’ve compiled a list of products, and I’ll be working to build others (a terrifying, yet true statement!).  Every suggestion helps.

Feel free to leave suggestions as a comment on this post or contact me privately via the form on my contact page.